Timor Organic Fair Trade

The Cooperativa Café Timor (CCT) works with very small farms in East Timor, majority own less than a hectare of  land. The CCT was established in 1994 with the help of  USDA and NCBA. In 2001, the coperative obtained Fair Trade Certification. The farms are located in Maubesse, an area of  highaltitude and a sub-district in the Ainaro district; Atsabe, in the Ermera district; the Lequisa district; and the Aifu region. The coffee of  East Timor was originally planted over 400 years ago by Portuguese colonists. However, after an epidemic of  coffee leaf  rust, the replanting of  the coffee plants occurred, which led to the creations of  a new coffee varietal—Hibrido de Timor. 

Estate:  Cooperativa Cafè Timor

Region: Maubesse, Atsabe, Lequisa and Aifu Coop located in Dili

Altitude: 2600 - 5200 ft.

Variety: Hibrido de Timor and Bourbon

Harvest: Late April-September

Process: Wet-processed, Sun Dried

Fair trade and organic certified, An Award Winning coffee highly rated, for its clean, smooth, rich Indo-Pacific character.

Medium Roast, Medium Body

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